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  • More reliable and less intrusive alternative to traditional repair processes
  • No risk of missed measurements or stretching into the city main line
  • No risk of blocking laterals or other pipes connected to the sewer main
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Rust, heat, erosion, abrasion and root damage are just a few of the many issues that can cause the gradual deterioration of sewer pipes. The traditional method of remedying these problems entails digging up the ground to reach the underground piping system. However, this technique can cause extensive property damage and create an unseemly messy construction zone.

Many companies are turning to sewer pipe coating as a more reliable and less intrusive alternative to traditional repair processes. Sewer Surgeons is your one-stop headquarters for superior sewer pipe coating services in New Jersey and beyond.

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What Is Sewer Pipe Coating? How Does It Work?

Sewer pipe coating offers a fast, reliable, safe and environmentally friendly method for restoring damaged sewer pipes to like-new condition. Instead of digging trenches to reach the underground pipes, the technique involves the insertion of a specially designed brush or spray head attached to a hose and cable in the pipe. The flexibility of the hose enables it to bend as it travels through the piping system. The brush or spray head applies a resin that hardens to create a protective "pipe within a pipe."

What Problems Can Pipe Coating Correct?

Pipe coating offers an effective long-term solution for a variety of common piping repair issues. Use it to seal cracks, prevent leaks and improve the system's structural integrity. It can also prevent future problems from occurring that can lead to expensive repairs and even shorten the lifespan of the pipes.

About Our Sewer Pipe Coating Process

Sewer Surgeons has developed a time-tested pipe coating technique based on our more than 30 years of expertise. Our process sets the standard for the entire industry.

Our certified trenchless technology pipe coating and relining experts arrive at your location to for camera inspection and diagnostic. Furthermore, we will also advise you for the best repair option available for your specific situation. This process uses state-of-the-art trenchless technology equipment. It seals the pipe internally by sliding through and maneuvering around 90 degree turns and also through offsets.

These offsets can be caused by several different things:Small leaks causing ground to washout underneath the lines Shifting foundations Ground settling Trees and roots pushing on a pipe or worst case - causing root infiltration.

We coat the interior of the pipe (up to 300 feet per entrance) after inspecting and cleaning everything. We use 100 percent solid epoxy or a polyurea blend for the interior. It is highly resistant to chemicals and abrasives. It sets quickly and has a high temperature and pressure rating.

You never have to stress about a liner collapsing or having it stretch into the city sewer mainline. You also never need to buy expensive reinstatement cutters!

Save money, time, the environment and your landscape or structure! We take pride in our work and provide the most cost-effective solution in sewer pipe repair!

sewer pipe line cleaning and restoration before and aftersewer pipe line cleaning and restoration before and after

Pipe Coating With Polyurea to Ensure the Best Long-Term Results

Our internal and external pipe coating services can be completed by using industry leading Polyurea material. Polyurea is a synthetic polymer with a high molecular density that makes it up to 20 times stronger than many standard epoxy coatings. It's extremely durable and won't crack or peel. It's also chemically resistant to harsh materials such as oil, salt and fuel. Polyurea is also more environmentally friendly than most epoxies used in pipe lining application.

Polyurea is a truly remarkable technology which can be used to coat all type of pipes, steel, cast iron, asbestos, concrete structures, tanks, and a wide variety of applications. Polyurea cures and sets in an extremely fast rate of only 10 seconds. Consequently, your business or project can be back up and running in minutes once finished!

These applications of Polyurea have been widely proven and accepted by oil refineries, food processing plants, wineries, restaurants and many other building structures nationwide.

Pipe Coating vs. Pipe Lining

Some folks confuse pipe lining with pipe coating. While there are many similarities — no digging required, a faster process than traditional pipe repairing, "pipe within a pipe" technique, etc. — there is a difference in pipe lining and pipe coating

When people refer to pipe lining, in most cases they mean Cured in Place Pipe lining (CIPP). This technique creates an epoxy lining inside of an existing pipe by pulling an epoxy saturated felt liner through the pipes and inserting a bladder to expand and set the epoxy.

While pipe coating also lines the pipes, it uses a slightly different technique than the CIPP lining method. Instead of having the epoxy pulled into place, a polyurea epoxy is sprayed on and controlled by air flow.

Which trenchless technology process is better? There are many pros and cons to both sides. Here are a few advantages pipe coating offers which, pipe lining cannot:

  1. Pipe coating has no risk of missed measurements or stretching into the city main line.
  2. Pipe lining is prone to have collapsed liners.
  3. Pipe coating has no risk of blocking laterals or other pipes connected to the sewer main. Blocking other pipes can cause major problems if a technician doesn’t see the opening during the camera process.
  4. The need for expensive reinstatement cutters.
  5. Can coat internally and externally.

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Benefits of Pipe Coating

Benefits of Pipe Coating

Pipe coating offers a variety of advantages when compared to traditional pipe coating processes:

  • Corrosion protection: Polyurea material helps to prevent the formation of rust that can eat away at metal surfaces
  • Chemical resistant: Prevents damage caused by contact with harsh chemicals
  • Erosion prevention: Minimizes the risk of the piping material over the years
  • Improves flow efficiency: Water flows more freely with fewer instances of clogged pipes and drains
  • Abrasion resistant: Coating won't rub off or wear away over time
  • Thermal resistant: Can withstand temperatures of up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Seals separated joints and cracks: Enhances structural integrity of the piping system
  • Ecologically friendly: Trenchless technology won't disrupt the landscape
  • Moisture insensitivity: Groundwater won't weaken the coating or reduce its long-term effectiveness
  • 10-second set time: Polyurea curing process is much faster than most epoxy coatings
  • Customizable coat application: Ability to apply the material to meet the specific requirements of the pipe repair application
  • Withholds up to 200 PSI: Can withstand extreme water pressure without jeopardizing the coating's integrity
  • Works on any size 3-inch to 24-inch, and 300-feet in length: Flexibility to work with various pipe lengths
  • Safe for drinkable water and environment (NSF 14 & 61 approved): Our pipe coating process poses no health or environmental risks

How Much Does Pipe Coating Cost?

When you consider its long-term value, pipe coating by Sewer Surgeons is a much more cost-effective option than traditional pipe repairing. Because the trenchless technology eliminates the need for digging, it saves time and thereby reduces labor costs. The durability and longevity of the coating also help to prevent high maintenance and repair bills in the future.

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