The No-Dig Pipe Repair Experts

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair Experts in New Jersey

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair Experts in New Jersey

Are you tired of constant sewer line clogs? If you are experiencing issues on a regular basis, the problem may not be debris buildup or tree roots. You might have a sag in the sewer line, a separation, collapse, or even a crack in one or more areas, and need the pipe repair experts at Sewer Surgeons!

If your sewer line is even partly collapsed, you might notice your water draining very slowly. A small amount of water might pass through now but eventually the drain will become more sluggish until no water can pass at all. A collapse can be caused by the situations above or from deterioration.

A fully-collapsed sewer line will be obvious. Your drains will get clogged and will constantly back up. More often than not, waste water will escape and leak into your yard, creating a smelly and unhealthy mess.

When the issue is isolated to one small section of the line, a repair can be done to that small part of the line as long as the rest of the line is functional and in good condition. Repairing a small, targeted area can be resolved quickly at a much lower cost.

At Sewer Surgeons, our team is made up of transparent, professional, and hard-working pipe repair experts trusted by clients for many years. We are committed to providing our commercial and residential clients with repairing and restoring all types of pipe without digging. Sewer Surgeons is the most highly specialized trenchless pipe lining, sewer inspection, and drain cleaning New Jersey has to offer.

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Pipe Lining and Pipe Coating vs Pipe Replacement

This video gives you information about our latest pipe lining and pipe coating trenchless technology versus the traditional digging up your yard, driveway or concrete floor and replacing your pipes with new PVC pipe with seams. At Sewer Surgeons, we use only the highest quality material with a proprietary pipe coating and pipe lining process. No more mess and no more digging with our method, even compared to other companies who use "pipe bursting", a method which still requires digging at each pipe intersection or end point to pull the new pipe through. We are the masters of repairing your pipes without digging!

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Advanced Epoxy Pipe Coating Technology

Our Pipe Coating System is the best pipe coating trenchless technology on the east coast. Our proprietary system is the most maneuverable and longest distance internal pipe coating system available on the market! Our Pipe Coating System can even maneuver through 90 degree bends and repair any sized pipe from 2 inches to 12 inches! Using our new coating technology is a faster, stronger, and the least expensive option for trenchless pipe lining. It also saves the usual mess created on your property's structure or landscape by traditional pipe replacement methods! Read More

CIPP Pipe Relining with Nu Flow Technologies System

This video is about our CIPP trenchless pipe lining using Nu Flow Technologies System that can reline any type of pipes from 3" to 16" and we can reline as long as 150'in one pull at a time. At Sewer Surgeons, we use only the highest quality material with an efficient CIPP lining process to do long as well as short 1' repairs. This video demonstrates our method compared to other guys who use "pipe bursting", a method which requires digging at each pipe intersection. We repair pipes without any digging or mess!

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If you need a diagnostic about your sewer problem, cameras can give you an inside-out view... (more…)


Finally the Future is here, the latest technology in complete and total pipe cleaning. Micro Cutting takes..

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Jetting is the next generation in sewer line cleaning & maintenance. While the snake simply uses mechanical...

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This leading structural lining technology enhances the structural strength of the host pipe...

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Our internal and external pipe coating services can be completed by using industry leading Polyurea material....

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