Dealing with cracks, splits and damaged pipes is now a thing of the past. Plumbing system replacements used to involve digging up a property and swapping out costly parts to patch the leak at the source. Fortunately, new technology makes it possible to fully restore your existing system for another 50 years at a time.

Sewer Surgeons offers pipe lining solutions for plumbing systems of all sizes through our efficient, hassle-free and affordable restoration projects. Small diameter pipe lining no longer requires digging a trench if you work with Sewer Surgeons.


What Is Small Diameter Pipe Lining?

Leaking pipes that are small in diameter can be a mess to handle. Restaurants, hotels, hospitals and schools can have a tricky time finding the plumbing problem, as the buildings are large and connections exist across entire structures. Fortunately, Sewer Surgeons performs inspections and diagnostics for small diameter pipe lining.

Small diameter pipe lining can reline inside infrastructure systems through cured-in-place (CIPP) pipe lining. Rather than replacing pipes, we’ll insert an inflatable bladder with a saturated epoxy liner down through your pipes to inflate and cure the new pipe liner. A solid epoxy material will then create a “pipe within a pipe” for increased flow. Our small diameter pipe lining will give you the opportunity to complete plumbing systems from the 3″ (65mm) or 4″ (80mm) stack down to the 2″ (50mm) branch lines.

This pipe lining allows our team to seal holes, cracks and leaks through 45° and 90° angles, which inversion processes cannot handle. Pull-in-place systems can save you money as we reline troublesome pipe sections as opposed to full lengths that still function properly.


Benefits of Small Diameter Pipe Lining

Small Diameter Pipe Lining is mostly used to improve clogs and buildups in sewer lines that eventually contribute to large splits, corrosion and rust. Sewer Surgeons technology can reconnect areas where separations occur to correct water flow and pressure in your existing system, while even preventing pipe collapses.

The process starts with micro-cleaning your pipes to remove scale and buildup. Once we reach the original surface, we’ll insert a custom-fabricated felt liner that’s covered in epoxy and gets pulled into place. The liner will expand as we use air pressure to secure the epoxy to the interior of the pipe for the following benefits:

  • Additional 50 years of pipe life
  • No mess or digging
  • Virtually seamless pipe
  • Saved time
  • Improved sewer system flow
  • Eco-friendliness
  • The ability to reline almost any existing material
  • The ability to start and stop anywhere in the pipe line


Less Risk Involved: Small Diameter Pipe Lining

Small diameter pipe lining is an excellent alternative to full pipe replacement. Our methods will clean your pipes and add a new level of structural integrity to your system by custom pipe lining solutions.

CIPP lining for small diameter pipes will put less risk on your restaurant, hotel, hospital or school, as it’s a trenchless option. Our team can complete multiple lining projects in a single day, which will allow you to keep your business open while we work.


Contact Sewer Surgeons Today

Sewer Surgeons provides pipe lining restorations across the state of New Jersey. We’ll aim to increase the efficiency of your current plumbing system without disturbing your business, workers, guests or patients. If you’re noticing the warning signs of a problematic pipe in your business, be sure to contact Sewer Surgeons today.