Are you tired of constant sewer line clogs? If you are experiencing issues on a regular basis, the problem may not be debris build up or tree roots. You might have a sag in the sewer line, a separation, collapse, or even a crack in one or more areas. If your sewer line is even partly collapsed, you might notice your water draining very slowly. A small amount of water might pass through now but eventually, the drain will become more sluggish until no water can pass at all. A collapse can be caused by the situations above or from deterioration.
A fully-collapsed line will be obvious. Your drains will get clogged and will constantly back up. More often than not, waste water will escape and leak into your yard, creating a smelly and unhealthy mess.
When the issue is isolated to one small section of the line, a repair can be done to that small part of the line as long as the rest of the line is functional and in good condition. Repairing a small, targeted area can be resolved quickly at a much lower cost.

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