Sewer Pipe Jetting

As a business owner or manager, it’s likely only a matter of time until you have to deal with a clog in your facility’s piping system. A plumbing snake, which is a flexible, metal cable that plumbers insert into the drain, can dislodge some clogs. But what happens if the material is deep down in the system and beyond the snake’s reach? Some obstructions may require additional force to break them up and facilitate the water flow. In many cases, sewer pipe jetting will deliver superior results to plumbing snakes for removing tough clogs deep within the piping system.

What Is Sewer Pipe Jetting? How Does It Work?

Sewer pipe jetting, also known as hydrojetting or high-pressure water jetting, is the next generation in sewer line cleaning & maintenance. While the snake uses mechanical action to punch a hole through clogs, blockage and debris to restore flow, pressurized drain cleaning uses the force of pressurized water to thoroughly clean the inside of your pipe.

The sewer jetter device features a pulsating nozzle that breaks up material much faster and more effectively than a plumbing snake. Jets of water delivered from the rear of the device provide additional cleaning upon the removal of the clog.

High-pressure pipe jetting not only restores flow but can remove grease buildup inside of your sewer pipe and even remove tree roots to improve the flow inside of your pipes. Your facility’s pipes will be cleaner than ever, and you won’t have to worry about clogs for a long time to come.

What Problems Can Pipe Jetting Fix?

Commercial pipe jetting is often the best solution for eliminating clogs that are beyond plunging or are too tough or deeply embedded for snakes. It also works well for industrial facilities that dump grease into drains, as well as for removing other stubborn materials that require additional force. Restaurants can use pipe jetting to get rid of cooking grease and food particles that accumulate within pipes over time. Scale, which consists of dissolved calcium and magnesium salts that produce “hard” water, also responds well to jetting.

Hydrojetting Benefits

The pipe jetting process can provide numerous benefits, especially when compared to snaking and other less reliable methods:

  • Longer lasting maintenance when compared to common rooter services
  • Thoroughly cleans inside of your sewer pipe to restore its capacity instead of just opening flow
  • Cost effective maintenance solution to longer lasting cleaning
  • Sanitary solution that minimizes the risk of material and debris escaping into the surrounding work areas
  • More environmentally friendly — no worries about harsh or toxic chemicals reaching rivers, lakes, streams or reservoirs
  • Versatile process that works well for everything from removing small clogs to dislodging tree roots
  • Technique is often faster than attempting to remove clogs with snakes or other traditional pipe-clearing methods

Sewer Pipe Jetting Procedure

Sewer Surgeons implements a time-tested three-step pipe jetting process consisting of a preliminary inspection, jetting and a final review to verify the results:

  • Pipe inspection: Our technicians will access the sewer pipe and perform a video camera inspection to identify the problems and locations of any issues. If there’s a complete blockage, they may need to do a pipe cleaning to re-establish flow so that the pipe is visible on the video camera. The inspection will also reveal whether there are any breaks, cracks or separations in the line that require more extensive repair work.
  • Jet the line: Once the line has been inspected and issue areas determined, our technician will insert a hose with a cleaning head that delivers over 4000 psi of pressure in the pipe. The tech can alter the amount of pressure as needed to adapt to the severity of the clog and conserve water where practical. The cleaning head is moved along the pipeline while paying close attention to problem areas. Often, several passes are made to clean away tough blockages like tree roots.
  • Inspecting: The sewer pipe is inspected with a sewer line camera to ensure that any buildup or roots have been completely removed and that the line is now clean and open to maximum capacity. This final inspection serves as a crucial quality control step. The technician can determine if there is any residual debris along the walls of the piping system that requires additional attention.

Why Sewer Pipe Jetting is a Great Sewer Cleaning Option

For many reasons, pipe jetting is the optimal method for unclogging and cleaning sewer lines:

  • Pipe jetting is a cost-effective option: Jetting can clean the pipe, improve flow rate and lengthen the time until the next maintenance which can be five times longer than just snaking the line. When comparing the price difference, jetting not only cleans the line better but will cost less over time.
  • Pipe jetting cleans what snakes can’t: Jetting can remove grease buildup, tree roots, scale and other causes of slow sewer lines that snakes can’t touch. While not a permanent solution, jetting is a superior maintenance choice when compared to snaking, as it goes way beyond punching a hole through the blockage to clean the inside of your sewer pipe.
  • Pipe jetting provides longer lasting results than other maintenance options: Opening a hole through a blockage while restoring flow is a short-term drain solution. By thoroughly cleaning the inside of your pipe, jetting can not only improve the flow but will last longer than most other maintenance options.

Hot Jetting vs. Cold Jetting

Sewer Surgeons can perform pipe jetting with either hot or cold pressurized water. Our commercial hot jetting method typically provides the best results for removing grease and the most challenging clogs. Cold jetting is a more efficient and cost-effective technique for eliminating “ordinary” clogs, as it does not require heating of the water.

Why Choose Sewer Surgeons as Your Pipe Jetting Company?

Sewer Surgeons is an experienced sewer pipe cleaning, lining and repair company you can trust. We’ve been in business for more than 4 years and have earned a stellar reputation for performing high-quality work at a fair price. Our management team offers more than 30 years of combined industry expertise, ensuring the best results for your pipe jetting project. We proudly serve all of North NJ and Central NJ as well as the White Plains area.

We also make conserving water a high priority — a critical factor in today’s environmentally conscious world. Unlike most of our competitors who use low pressure and high water volumes when pipe jetting, we take the opposite approach. We combine high pressure (4000 psi) with low volume (10 gpm) while still getting exceptional results. Less efficient pipe jetting companies apply only around 3000 psi at a flow rate of 26-60 gpm or even higher — that’s a needless waste of precious water.

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