Sewer Surgeons offers an assortment of innovative trenchless residential and commercial pipe repair and restoration services. We can extend the lifespan of your pipes by 50 years without having to replace your existing pipes.

Residential Services

We provide a number of residential pipe repair and restoration services for homeowners, including:

  • No-dig pipe repair: We can rectify issues such as separated, collapsed or cracked sewer pipes and drains without digging, jackhammering or opening drywall or concrete. We can perform most residential pipe repair jobs in a day or less instead of several days or longer.
  • Pipe lining: Our advanced cured-in-place (CIPP) sewer pipe lining technology entails cleaning the pipes, inserting a custom-fabricated epoxy-soaked felt liner into the piping system, inflating a bladder inside the line and curing the epoxy for one to three hours. We’ll then pull the bladder out, leaving what is essentially a brand new pipe.
  • Pipe coating: Our time-tested pipe coating process involves the use of cutting-edge trenchless technology to seal leaks with a solid epoxy or polyurethane blend that resists chemicals and abrasives.
  • Pipe jetting: We use jets of high-pressure hot water to blast through clogs, debris, and obstructions in the line and restore the flow of water. This technique is much faster, more thorough and much more effective than traditional plumbing snakes. Additionally, since we use hot water it dissolves the oils, grease, fats and other sludge in pipes better than traditional pipe jetting techniques.

Commercial Services

Our commercial pipe repair and restoration services include:

  • Trenchless pipe repair: Because our commercial pipe repair method requires no digging or trenching, we can perform the task quickly and with minimal disruptions to your normal operating processes. We have extensive experience in repairing pipes in everything from office buildings, hotels, hospitals, and restaurants to retail stores and other business establishments.
  • Pipe lining: We can also apply our revolutionary CIPP sewer pipe lining technique to extend the lifespan of your business’s piping system. We’ve lined pipes of all sizes in hotels, fast-food restaurants, banquet facilities and more.
  • Pipe coating: The application of our pipe coating method to your business’ sewer lines will provide benefits such as increased chemical and abrasion resistance, reliable corrosion protection and structural enhancement. Our process is also environmentally friendly, which is a vital consideration for any business owner these days.
  • Pipe jetting: Our hydrojetting process will leave your pipes cleaner than ever without the use of toxic chemicals. It also provides a cost-effective maintenance solution that will have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.

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