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Are you experiencing constant sewer line clogs or cracked pipes? Often, the measures for replacing damaged pipes involve digging up property, removing flooring, jackhammering and shutting down a business for days at a time. What if there were a way to restore your old pipes instead of replacing them? Sewer Surgeons specializes in pipe coating and pipe lining services. Instead of performing costly replacements, our team will work with your existing system and strengthen flow for efficiency through solid epoxy materials. We keep restaurants, hotels, schools and hospitals up and running with piping solutions that last upwards of 50 years or more.

Pipe Coating for Restaurants

Restaurants rely on pipes for the preparation of food, cleaning, draining fluids and more. Over time, busy restaurants put a great amount of stress on pipes, which creates rust, breaks and clogs that no longer allow materials to pass through. Fortunately, the Sewer Surgeons' solid epoxy pipe coating will help you to gain full functionality from your pipes without replacement.

Our methods involve the insertion of a brush or spray head that's attached to a cable or hose. The cable travels through existing pipe systems and coats the inside for a smoother finish, which helps to seal cracks, prevent leaks and improve structural integrity.

No one keeps a restaurant, cafe, pizza shop or brewery operating like Sewer Surgeons can. Our pipe coating solutions can withstand temperatures of 120°F, and they create no health or environmental risks. This option is perfect for handling food and drinks, as our product is NSF 14 and 61 approved.

Pipe Lining for Restaurants

Cured-in-place (CIPP) pipe lining is the preferred method for restaurant sewage pipe repair. To provide another "no-dig" solution, Sewer Surgeons applies a solid epoxy material that expands to meet an existing pipe via a saturated liner and bladder system. Within just two to three hours, the material creates a "pipe within a pipe," and you're back in business for 50 years or longer.

Pipe lining will enhance the sewage system of your restaurant for improved water flow and fewer clogs. Replacing an entire sewage system takes weeks at a time, but pipe lining causes no mess or disturbance.

Pipe Coating and Pipe Lining for Hotels

Hotel management calls for keeping customers in good hands from room service to dining and beyond. Sewer Surgeons pipe coating and lining is the quickest way to attend to damaged pipes across the hospitality industry. Hotels often have a number of rooms and floors where pipes can grow weak thanks to repeated use and pressure, but we can help. Trenchless pipe repair services will save you from turning away potential customers that want to stay at your hotel.

Pipe coating and lining epoxy materials will correct the following pipes in your hotel, cafe or other business:

  • Clay
  • Concrete
  • Cast iron
  • Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • PVC
  • Asbestos
  • Ductile

Pipe Coating and Pipe Lining for Hospitals

Nothing is more important than taking care of patients. Sewage system and piping problems create an inconvenience for guests and medical professionals providing care, so it's important to find timely solutions to accommodate. Luckily, our pipe coating and pipe lining restorations are perfect for hospitals of all sizes.

At Sewer Surgeons, we will not require the evacuation of your hospital to do our job. We are a faster and more affordable option than pipe replacement, and our services will allow you to avoid the need for permits and active work zones.

Hospitals are a home for your patients, so we can perform restorations without the destruction of landscaping, sidewalks, parking lots, floors and structural foundations. Medical professionals can continue to care for others, as our solutions are corrosion-resistant, strong against chemicals, safe for the environment and structurally sound.

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If you're experiencing the warning signs of a problematic pipe, it's time to explore your options with Sewer Surgeons. We offer eco-friendly and trenchless solutions at affordable prices. Contact Sewer Surgeons today for more information about epoxy pipe coating and pipe lining.

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