The main sewer line is the section of your sewer system that goes from your house out to the city sewer or a septic tank. If your main sewer line clogs, you will not be able to use any of the drains in your home until you get a sewer line cleaning.

At Sewer Surgeons, we understand that a clogged main sewer line is an emergency situation for your family.

Causes of main sewer line clogs

While still at risk to the typical perpetrators that may cause clogs in other drains in your home, main sewer line clogs are most often caused by tree roots. Roots can enter your sewer line over day and can cause backups. If you live near many trees, we recommend calling us for a video inspection every 1-5 years.

Cleaning your main sewer line

Most of the time, using a “snake” machine is enough to get a good condition sewer line up and running again. This method involves using a commercial grade electric serpent machine, which utilizes a metal cable to enter the line and break through the clog, and creating an open flow again in the pipe. The motor spins the cable as it pushings forward, allowing it to construct torque which helps break through tough clogs. However, in the case of a main sewer line, your technician will likely utilize the largest of his machines, specifically designed to handle such a large line. These larger machines also have a variety of different blade attachments to help cut through roots and other difficult obstructions.

Other Main Sewer Line Services

If snaking the line uncovers any problems, we may utilize video inspection to take a closer looking. This involves inserting a camera in the sewer line and recording everything we ensure. Once our video inspection camera has reached the blockage or damage in your line, we’re able to pinpoint its exact location in the ground and depth. Then, if we have to excavate, we’ll know right where to start.

In the rare event that there is a larger problem in your sewer line, like a break, or roots that have become far too invasive, you don’t have to go far for a solution. We can excavate and repair or replace the line for you. We may also indicate a discounted preventive maintenance program to keep the line running after it is fixed.

Maintenance can prevent problems

Even though your main sewer line connects to a city system, you are responsible for preserving it–including any needed mends. We often advise homeowners to setup preventive maintenance plans for their main sewer lines to help prevent future backups.  Regular camera inspections and micro cleaning are inexpensive keys to avoid major expenses.

Tips for main sewer lines

When planting trees or bushes, plant them as far from the sewer line as possible. If your toilet is making a gurgling sound, have your main sewer line checked. This is an early warning sign of a clog. Another of the earliest warning signs is water splashing out when your washer machine drains. If you’re experiencing this, call us today! Stop clogs and messy backups before they happen. The best route to avoid main sewer line clogs is preventative maintenance which in the end saves you premium costs when your clog becomes an emergency.

A simple cleaning is all your sewer pipe may have needed. Our high powered hydro-jetters can spray off corrosion and wash away debris. We also have the strongest snake machine on the market which can tear through even the thickest of tree roots.

Preventive Maintenance:

If cleaning the pipe won’t be enough for an efficient flow, then we have two forms of Trenchless Technology which can repair your pipe without digging. Internal pipe coating and pipe lining both have unique benefits which guarantee a long lasting pipe, no matter your budget!

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