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When it comes to helping with big or small sewer issues, Chapelwood provides what is called “Trenchless Sewer Repair”. New technological advances have allowed experts to create this better approach to underground pipe installation and repair. In the old days, the extensive digging/excavation (needed for processes like sewer line installation) caused huge disruptions, and real safety concerns. They were very time-consuming as well. It’s a more cost-effective, cleaner and more efficient way to repair sewers. It allows us to install, repair and replace pipes from sewer lines, natural gas supply lines and even water mains. You will be amazed at how beneficial the trenchless technique is compared to the original, time-worn sewer excavation.
With only minimal digging or sometimes no digging at all, we can provide professional repair, installation, and replacement for underground pipes of all kinds. Whether it’s a sewer line, water main, or even a natural gas supply line, we use the latest innovations in technology and engineering to our advantage.
Our work comes with a warranty so you will be assured the work is done correctly. You will receive a sewer and drain repair estimate in writing, showing a clear explanation regarding options along with the cost before we even start so that you will know we are upfront and honest about the options and the price.

Trenchless Technology Benefits:



  1. Lifetime warranty
  2. No digging or jack hammering
  3. Safe for drinkable water lines and environment (NSF 14 & 61 Approved)
  4. Costs less than traditional dig and replace method
  5. mproves flow efficiency
  6. Blocks root intrusion
  7. Seals open joints
  8. Seals missing sections

pipe coatingbefore and after coating


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