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Sewer Pipe Micro Cutting

Finally the Future is here, the latest technology in complete and total pipe cleaning.  Micro Cutting takes over where snaking and hydro jetting leave off.  Snaking simply uses mechanical action to punch a hole through clogs and debris to restore flow, and jetting uses the force of water to clean the inside of your pipe but neither compares to the complete and thorough cleaning, derooting and descaling that Micro Cutting can accomplish. Making the inside of your pipes almost like brand new and restoring the full pipe size capacity for increased flow.

Our Micro Cutting technology not only spins the cutting head at various speeds, but simultaneously flushes debris with either water or compressed air at the cutting head. The cleaning machine features an electric motor with brush speeds from 0-1750 rpm and maintains constant torque. It is designed with a soft-start circuit that reduces operator fatigue and machine wear, giving more control cleaning all your pipes from 2″-12″. As the cutting head spins, compressed air/water comes out of the brush-head to remove the debris faster and more efficiently then anything else on the market.


Micro Cutting Benefits

  1. The longest lasting pipe maintenance available, compared to any other option
  2. Completely cleans inside of your sewer pipe to restore up to 100% capacity and flow
  3. Cost effective maintenance solution to longest lasting cleaning on the market today


What’s the Procedure?


1. Pipe Inspection

Our technicians will access the sewer pipe and perform a video camera inspection to identify the problems and locations of any issues. If the pipe is completely blocked, they may need to do a pipe cleaning to re-establish flow so that the pipe is visible on the video camera.

2. Micro Cutting

Once the line has been inspected and issue areas determined, our technician will insert a hose with a cleaning head that delivers over 3000 psi of pressure in the pipe. The cleaning head is moved along the pipe line and paying special attention to problem areas. Often several passes are made to fully clean away tough blockages like tree roots.

3. Inspecting

The sewer pipe is inspected with a sewer line camera to ensure that any buildup or roots have been completely removed and that the line is now clean and open to maximum capacity.


Why Jetting?


1. Cost Effective Option

Jetting is able to clean the pipe and improve flow rate and improving the time until the next maintenance which can be 5 times longer than just snaking the line. When comparing the price difference, jetting not only cleans the line better, but will cost less over time.

2. Cleans What Snakes Can’t

Jetting can remove grease buildup, tree roots, scale and other causes of slow sewer lines that snakes can’t touch.  While not a permanent solution, jetting is a superior maintenance choice when compared to snaking as it goes way beyond punching a hole through the blockage to actually cleaning the inside of your sewer pipe.

3. Longer Lasting Results

Opening a hole through a blockage, while restoring flow is a short-term drain solution. By thoroughly cleaning the inside of your pipe, jetting can not only improve the flow but will last longer than most other maintenance options.



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