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The average life expectancy of a metal kitchen grease trap is 5 to 10 years because of the high acidity levels of grease and liquids that flow through it just eat away any exposed metal in your grease trap.

In New Jersey, legislation specifically regulates the size and location of grease traps for restaurants and other businesses. They have to be installed with a separate plumbing connection. They must be emptied occasionally so that grease can be recycled and they need to be maintained on a regular basis. Regulations also state that grease trap installation has different sizes – one for restaurants and one for cafeterias and other businesses that only serve food within a certain period of time. Restaurant, deli and kitchen grease traps are part of the sewer system so the installation is best done by licensed professionals.
When grease traps are functioning properly, they prevent employees being injured from leaking or spilled grease and they also keep the sewer lines from being clogged, among other things.
Chapelwood Sewer Surgeon’s certified team uses high-grade polyurea resin to build a new surface inside your broken grease trap. The new surface maintains the same dimensions of the pre-existing grease trap and works as good as new, even if there were holes and corrosion in the original trap! Our material comes with an automatic 10-year warranty with an option to upgrade to a lifetime warranty against corrosion and is super strong, it is chemical resistant! Our patented method allows for less expense in replacing your grease trap and you can even keep your business open while we fix it!

Check out one of our finished grease trap here on video

Here’s How It Works:

  1. You pump the tank first with your current grease removal company
  2. We then clean and prep the surface
  3. We rebuild or replace missing components and patch holes
  4. We apply the first coat of our industrial-grade epoxy and let it dry
  5. Then we apply the second coat of our industrial-grade epoxy
  6. There is a 4 to 6 hour “cure” time and it’s done, ready to use in the same day!



  1. 10 Year Warranty Included, with upgrade option to Lifetime Warranty
  2. No Digging or Jack hammering
  3. Saves More Money than Replacing
  4. Fast and Quiet, Keeping Business Open During Repairs
  5. NSF 14 & 61 Approved – Safe for Drinkable Water and Environment


Standard Grease Trap Layout

International Plumbing Code (IPC) 1002.1 (exception 3) allows a grease interceptor to serve as a fixture grease trap – where it is intended by the manufacturer to serve as a trap – for a each fixture or a combination sink of not more than three compartments so long as the vertical distance from the outlet of the fixture to the inlet of the interceptor is not more than 30″ and the length of the drain pipe from the most upstream fixture outlet to the inlet of the interceptor does not exceed 60″.

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